The Company (we)

We trade as Paz Audiovisual Solutions ltd, company registration (6396373) registered in England.

The Customer (you)


This agreement will automatically begin as soon as we receive a payment for an agreed service. Both parties agree to the Terms and Conditions underlined in this agreement. As we are a company registered in England, all legal disputes and taxes will be paid in England under English Law.

Invoices and Payments

All payments for small projects need to be made to our PayPal account in advance unless we agreed differently prior to the commencement of the work. Make sure we receive the full invoiced amount when making PayPal payments.

For long projects, a signed payment plan will be arranged prior to the commencement of the work. Unless prior agreed, we will invoice in advance on a weekly basis.


We are an UK VAT-registered company. All our Sterling prices displayed on our website includes the VAT amount for UK/EU buyers. The USD dollar prices do not include any VAT as it is not required for people buying outside the UK/ EU.

Refunds and Reviews

As this is a service charged per work hour or daily rates, we do not provide any refunds after we start working on the project. Please rest assured we will do our best to provide you with a product you will love. Depending on the chosen service you will have two reviews included (fixed-price services), but any other services will have unlimited reviews. Please note that we will charge extra per hour or day of work in order to achieve these changes after we have done three reviews.

All reviews are subject to a maximum of one month after delivery. After this period, we will charge per hour/daily rate in order to perform the needed work (agreed in advance).

Copyrights and Credits

We reserved the right to use a small excerpt of every project as part of our Portfolio and Marketing Strategies without any restrictions or further copyright clearance from our clients. This includes our websites, partner’s websites, social media, digital media, and streaming platforms such as SoundCloud, etc. If your project is part of a release, for example, an album or a film, please let us know if you prefer for us to wait until the release date before mentioning the project. We believe in collaboration and our aim is to have open conversations and relationships with our clients.

All our work needs to be credited. We will provide the appropriate information prior to the conclusion of the project. But typically, we will ask you to include the Engineer name(s), role(s), and our website:

If we start collaborating as music producers, arrangers, sound designers and other activities where we offer creative inputs rather than just engineering, a separate copyright agreement will be discussed prior to the commencement of the work.

Additionally (for long projects only), we reserved the copyright of any of our performed work until a full payment is received.

Media Storage

We will keep your project sessions and masters for as long as we can uphold them safely, but after two months have passed, we reserved the right to delete them. So, please keep them safe, as otherwise, we will need to charge again for any future work related to an already delivered material.

Media Transfers

We are not responsible for any media loss during transfer, either digital or physical transfers. We prefer to use services like DropBox and WeTransfer as they are very safe and convenient. If you prefer to use any other method, please let us know the details and instructions and we will follow them.

Service and Technical Specs

Formats and Technical Specs:

  • Your files must be WAV or AIFF at 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96kHz; 16 or 24-bit. You cannot send session files as mp3. Only the mentioned formats are accepted. All tracks (stems) must be bounced/consolidated so they have the same start and ending point.
  • All tracks must be edited and cleaned. Please, remove anything that should not be audible in the mix.
  • Tuning & Timing: it is your responsibility to ensure the tracks provided are ready for mixing. If we encounter any tunning or timing issues, we will contact you to discuss possible solutions but, this will involve extra charges. So, please spend the time to edit your track and leave it ready and organised for us.
  • Please remember to bounce all VST/software instruments as audio files before sending.
  • Please provide Dry (no processing) and Wet (with processing) commits of your tracks.
  • Please name all the tracks clearly with simple names. Example. 001 Kick (Dry), 002 Snare (Dry), etc. If multi-mic recordings were used, such as stereo pair, please specify what is what.
  • Headroom: avoid all types of clipping and distortions on the tracks. If an audio file is clipping/distorted it can not be fixed in the mix. Please leave plenty of headroom when recording. Do not peak above -6 dbFS and try to keep an average recording level of between -18DBFS to – 12 dbFS. Please get in touch if you need any recording advice. We are happy to help.
  • Background noises and acoustics issues: please make sure all recordings are carried out as professionally as possible. Avoid any external noises and bad acoustics. There are plenty of ways to record properly on budget. Please get in touch if you need any recording advice. We are happy to help.
  • References: please send a mix reference of the song, as many notes, and explanations of your expectations. Also, please send two commercially released reference tracks from another artist, these must preferably be WAV or AIFF, if possible, or bought from iTunes or similar high-quality online resellers. Also, include the BPM Tempo, song Key and a Midi Tempo Map if the song changes tempo or time signatures.