Please folow the instructions below when submitting your files to us. It is very important to folow it correctly as it might delay your production or cause confusion.

Please label your tracks by instrument name starting from 001. We ask you to provide us with dry and wet files in two separete folders adding the word Wet or Dry to the name. Please remove any plugins or processing before bouncing the dry files, and for the wet files keep your plugins inserted. Please label them as dry and wet as shown below:

Folder 1 (DRY STEMS):

001 – Kick In – DRY – 48Khz  – 24Bits – 120 BPM

002 – Kick Out – DRY -48Khz – 24Bits – 120 BPM


Folder 2 (WET STEMS):

001 – Kick In – WET – 48Khz  – 24Bits – 120 BPM

002 – Kick Out – WET – 48Khz – 24Bits – 120 BPM


Preaferably add a 2 bars count-in metronome  sound to all the stems (individual files) peaking  at -24dbFS. Also, make sure all the tracks start and finishes at the same point. In other words they all have the same lenght.

Please send us a word document with precise instructions and notes, including time code or bar references when you refer to any section. We also require the song time signature and the tempo BPM. If there are any tempo changes, pleasse provide us an importable MIDI tempo map.

Please also include your reference mix of the song and at least two reference songs similar to your project.  Please provide references on a separate folder labelled “reference tracks”. We prefer WAV reference tracks if possible or if not download them from Itunes. Do not reap them from any platform. It will affect the quality if we use bad quality or over compressed files as references. Label them as the example below:

Folder 3 (references tracks):

001 My Mix Name  – DATE –  48Khz 24Bits – 120 BPM

002 My Reference Mix Name 1

003 My Reference Mix Name 2